Headhunter Training Coaching

„It is not that we have so little time
but that we lose so much.“

Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Your staff. Your investment for tomorrow.

Your staff. Your investment for tomorrow.

The candidates we ultimately present to you are hand-picked in a structured manner, with a pronounced sense for the people’s capabilities. With its experience and a sense for individuality, our team will accompany you in reaching the milestones along the way towards the goal of successful placement and integration of your new employee.

You invest in your employees of tomorrow; we help you to take the right HR decision. We are at the right time at the right place. We know the market and the demands.

We contact the required personnel members with the relevant market and industry experience and who are ready for the next step in their career. We create the basis for our candidate search by preparing a job profile which describes the mission and vision of your company and, in addition, the required personal capabilities. It’s our mission to ensure that the right candidate not only has the required social and market-related skills the company is in search of but also that he or she fits in with the corporate culture.

As headhunters, being personal, transparent and discreet is a matter of course. We conduct our behavioural-based interviews with sensitivity and substantial experience and will present you the candidate who best fits the profile. We continue to support you after the successful contract conclusion.

We create security. Our methods are scientific, practically tested and easy to execute. As a result, you will receive an objectively understandable decision-making basis.


Would you like to become a director?

Would you like to become a director? 

We will teach you what matters. The world is constantly changing. Today’s leaders require newly acquired skills and capabilities. The demographical context calls for creative drive, responsibility, entrepreneurialism and a high degree of social competency and empathy.

We develop the basic skills of your management, specialists, communication, empathy and understanding. Our seminar “Understand Better – Leading more Easily” provides models, tools and methods. The result: more time. Fewer conflict.

Our Mission Statement

"What I am today is an indication of what I have learned but it does not indicate what my potential is."
Virginia Satir

A positive attitude towards technical and interpersonal tasks within the manager role is what constitutes the foundation. The action-oriented learning process in our management trainings improves and develops leadership skills. The training process stimulates reflection of own experience and enhances the leadership skills in particular areas. Our focus within the training: the further development of your leadership personality.

We keep ourselves informed. Constantly. For you and your company.

Our current topic is cross-generational leadership. In numerous companies, there are employees from various generations and this frequently results in the collision of different perspectives and opinions. Conflicts are inevitable. Our training leads to mutual understanding of the generations. For more effective cooperation. To create synergies.

A simplified working culture, as a result of conscious leadership with more empathy. You will gain new insights into the needs and desires of your colleagues and co-workers. Less stress. More control and authenticity.

Moving lightly toward more sustainable sales success

Our sales trainings are refreshing and motivating – customer satisfaction and retention through relationship competence and professionalism. We offer an effective way to access the own possibilities and different mindset of oneself and others – for improved customer interaction.


Reine Kopfsache, oder?

„Only in his search, will the spirit of man find the secret he is searching for.“
Friedrich von Schlegel

Finding the strength to make a change – taking the leap. Discovering one’s own strengths, capabilities and opportunities. Reflecting on behavioural, thought and communicational patterns. Activate your emotional intelligence and improve your mental capabilities. New alternatives for action will arise through self-reflection and interpretation. Working together, we will design new solution strategies and impulses.

Finding the strength to make a change – taking the leap

Coaching as a step toward personal growth. We support you in unfolding your potential. Together, we will increase your awareness regarding values, skills, strengths and needs. Developing clear goals and finding constructive approaches towards achieving the desired result.

We are open, inquisitive and persistent. During the coaching process, we delve deeply to acquire in-depth information and get to the bottom of your reasoning.

Positive changes are brought about by liberated potential. Every person possesses unique capabilities, individual experiences and ideas. Recognizing and utilizing your own strengths extends your personal action alternatives and improves your self-management and performance.